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Автор: 2 Pac & Notorious B.I.G. & Big L

Композиция: Deadly Combination

Время песни: 03:10

Дата добавки: 2014-12-18

Всего зашло: 939

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Весь текст:

Follow me
tell me
do you feel me?
I think niggaz is tryna kill me
picturing pistols, spittin hollow points til they drill me
keepin it real
and even if I do conceal
my criminal thoughts, preoccupied to rob and steal
see niggaz is false
sittin in court
turned to snitches that said they used to be real
but now they petrified bitches tryin to be strong
they sendin armys
out to bomb me
listenin to Ron
the only DJ that could calm me
constantly harmed
My firepower keep me warm
I'm trapped in the storm
And fuck the world 'til I'm gone
Bitches be warned
Word is born
you'll get torn
I'm bustin' on Juliani ain't worried my niggas' armed
and in this song
Before I leave
Picture me
I'm spittin' at punk bitches and hustlin' to be free
Watch me set it
Niggas don't want it
You can get it
Bet it
ake these jealous niggas mad yeah I said it
This Thug Life, nigga we don't cater to you hoes
Fuck with me, have a hundred mothafuckas at your door
With 4-4s

Yeah nigga!...
Thug Life!...

[Notorious B.I.G.]
i'm hard
jehovah said i was born
in the pearly gates
fuck him, I didn't wanna go to heaven anyway
but my momma had me
on my hands and knees
With my hands gripped
talkin about some praise the lord shit
Hail Mary fucker
I never knew her
I'll probably probably screw her
and dump her body in the sewer
Our father
my pops
stuck up
bed spots
big black and mean
with the fifth by the caradeims
What you expected from his next of kin?
huh, I'm loco
but ain't no Mexican
I got nines in the bedroom, glocks in the kitchen
A shotty by the shower if you wanna shoot me while I'm shittin
Uhh, the lesson
from this Smith and Wesson
is depressin
Niggaz keep stressin
the same motherfuckin question!
How many shots does it take
to make my heart stop and my body start to shake?
Ron G, stop the tape

Deadly Combination - Biggie Ft. 2Pac & Big L (UNRELEASED 2003) Best & Full Version [HQ]
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