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Автор: Devin The Dude feat. 14K

Композиция: Somebody Else's Wife

Время песни: 04:17

Дата добавки: 2015-02-17

Всего зашло: 242

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Весь текст:

Yeah, yeah, yeah,yeah I can make it betta girl....and I know u really like this pipe but ur somebody else's wife
Yeah, yeah, yeah,yeah I can make it betta girl....and I know u really like this pipe but ur somebody else's wife

We been fuckin for five years u been drownin me wit ur problems and tears
Bout how he cheatin and beatin but shit look here
It wuz cool we did the fool been on it since high school
If I swept u off ur feet then why'd the fuck u jump the broom
So nimble and quick, still callin wood beggin for dick, excuse my french
But bitch that wuz some bull ass shit, no lie
I miss the mornin moanin, flippn, feelin, fuckin, groanin,
Bendin backwards, beatin on it, like it, love it, lick it, want it
Not knowing
U wuz goin tie it up in holy matrimony but cool that shit wuz phony
Unh uh I don't want it on me
It wuz straight but now it ain't u coulda kept it but u left it
I'm playing the hand I wuz given, ur ass the one thats dealt it
Don't cry cuz our candle melted baby life goes on
And I know imma miss that brown ass in a thong: fuck it
Another day another dame, another gal another game
Another bitch another breezy
Take care of yourself....Be easy!

(chorus x2)

I asked u how did u want it I'm into sex only
Yet with nine inches u went the distance like u wuz lonely
U shouldnt have bone me when u know I banged u and ur homie
Plus u engaged to ur nigga cmon that shit is phony
U tellin me u cant do with out me but here's tha picture
I can't do nuthin with ya but make sure this pipe can fit ya
It ain't no future in us fuckin so get that out ur mind
Ur cock wuz simply justa pit stop for that one time
U catchin feelings that settin u up for failure momma
Don't wanna bump heads with ur hubby he don't want no drama
Don't let a one-night-stand end up in tragedy
Call it, check it but stick n move is my strategy
U felt it comin when u called thats y u hesitated
I felt it comin this conversation's premeditated
U can love it or hate it fate is wut u made it bitch
Stick to ur niggaz nutz and get the hell up off my dick

Devin The Dude Performing "Somebody Else's Wife feat. 14K" 4/20 Warehouse Live Houston, TX
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